Erotic Market needed two years of radio silence to complete its metamorphosis. The duo has become a solo carried by the excellence and exuberance of front woman, Rosemary Martins. And yet the singer-songwriter is not setting sail entirely on her own. She's got herself a local crew of groove sorcerers: bass priestess DJ Flore; heavy and rugged beat supplier Bonetrips; and wonder drummer Nicolas Taite. With this team running the show, Erotic Market remains resolutely pop, but with a more soulful end result. The music is less swaying indie rock and more futuristic r'n'b. It’s not scared of this newfound sensuality and will never tire of making hearts skip a beat. Erotic Market’s queenpin shape shifts from caffeine-fueled crooner to tough-cookie nymph, from brazen rapper to lovestruck poetess or bubbly blueswoman. We’re talking a true Chaka Khan 3.0; she's every woman.


The 13 tracks of Queendoms will be making their way to your needy eardrums by January 2018 under the wings of label Mutant Ninja. Expect summer-hits galore right in the middle of winter. Unhoped for, just like this winning comeback.

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